Hi guys,

I am quiting. Sorry guys but I really don’t like CP its kind of boring exept the partys

So I am quiting. I will still be on cp maybe post a couple times but really i might not post at all.




Quit A Little

Hi Penguins,

I think Clubpenguin is boring now. So I am gonna quit posting. I am only posting for like the real updates. Like new parties or a new game. I have met a lot of my friends at school who think Clubpenguin is really boring. I think Clubpenguin is for like 8 year olds. No offense to all those 12 year olds and above. Look at Lux1200. He is like 15. So well goodbye for a while. I have facebook and twitter if you want to follow me or add me. For Facebook search CharChar and twitter you just search Superpriplup. Super signing off



Penguin Play Awards

Hi penguins,

All credit goes to Lux1200!

Club Penguin is rolling out the red carpet for the 2010 Penguin Play Awards! Meet famous penguin like Cadence and Aunt Arctic or vote for your favorite play!

You can get the Press Hat at the Dock.

And members can get the Penguin Play Award and Video Camera at the Back Stage Room:

The whole point of the Penguin Play Awards is for us to vote on what plays we thought were the best. So waddle on over to the Plaza and check out the voting booth.

You can choose from 5 different plays in 5 different catagories.

Now waddle into the Stage and check out all the exciting things happening. You can buy costumes from each different play, watch a short preview of each play and members can go Backstage!

In this edition of the costume trunk you can purchase costumes from The Ruby and the Ruby, Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl, The Quest for the Golden Puffle, Fairy Fables and Underwater Adventure.

Theres also three cheats in the catalog:

Click the penguin play award for the Penguin Play Awards Background (60 coins).

Click the telescope for the Lobster Costume (600 coins).

Click the VS for the Squidzoid Costume (600 Coins).



New Puffle Rescue Game Cheats and More!

I might quit soooo ya.


Club Penguin Puffles have been trapped and need your help! Report to the Club Penguin Mine and play to the game, Puffle Rescue and visit the Secret Cave! Heres how.

How To Play Puffle Rescue

To play Puffle Rescue, go to the Mine and waddle over to the desk.

This is the main screen for Puffle Rescue. You can read the instructions or select which Puffle you’d like to rescue! Members AND non members can rescue the Blue Puffle but you need to be a member to play the Pink and Black Puffle Levels.

Rescuing the Puffles

Each Puffle its own different setting. What I mean by that is each Puffle has unique levels. The Blue Puffle is in the water surround by sharks, the Pink Puffle is in a Cave with bats and the Black Puffle is underwater by squids!

Since Non-Members can play the Blue Puffle Levels we’ll start off with how to play these levels.

Blue Puffle Levels

To rescue the Blue Puffle you move across ice that floats by until you reach the Puffle. Then you bring him back to the finish. Look at the picture above, in the red box is how many lives you have. As you get further and further you will start to get extra lives. In the green box is how many Puffles you have to rescue. At first you only have to rescue one but as you get further there will be more at a time. Lastly, in the purple box is what level you are currently on and how many points you have.

Now you’ve got the basics lets learn how to play.

Use the left, right, up and down keys to move across the ice towards the Blue Puffle.

Watch out for cracks in the ice, if you step on those they will break and you will have to start over!

Once you reach the Puffle, grab it and make your way back to the finish line.

When you complete a level a message will pop up and say Thank You then your penguin name. Click any where to continue.

As you progress it will become more challenging. In level 2 and up you will see the red balls pictured above. If you hit them you will be knocked off the ice and you will lose a life.

When you come to the sharks don’t worry. The sharks will break the ice as they go around. After they break one, one will freeze again and you can step on it. If your on the ice the shark breaks you will loose a life and have to start over. If you need more time you can go back on the moving ice and wait for a good time to pass through.

Thats pretty much covered it for the Blue Puffle levels, now moving onto the Pink Puffle.

Pink Puffle Levels

Click the Pink Puffle picture at the main menu to start.

These levels are much like the Blue Puffle Levels. You will need to hop from cart to cart until you reach the Pink Puffle. If you miss a cart you will fall and lose a life.

Watch out for the boxes that don’t have wood nailed across them, they will break and you will fall.

In some levels you will see pipes. If your by one of the places they let out steam, watch out! You can get pushed off by the steam blowing out.

Just like before, you will see these in some levels but not all of them. If you walk by them they will lock onto you and shoot a snowball at you. Like always, if your hit you lose a life. But if one of the snowballs hits another one of the snowball shooters you get extra points!

This covers mostly everything for the Black Puffle, now lets check out the final Puffle!

Black Puffle Levels

Now for the final levels, the Black Puffle! These levels are different then the other ones and a bit harder.

In these levels you are underwater. Swim across to the Puffle but watch out, if you swim in the open water for to long you will keep falling until you loose a life. To prevent that from happening you can swim from coral to coral. You can stand on the light blue ones but not the green ones.

Watch out for the Orange Octopus’s. When you get close to them they will shock you.

Another way you can get across the water without falling is by going from bubble to bubble. When you hit one it will give you a boost and you can jump to the next bubble!

If there aren’t any bubbles or coral you can use to move across the water, there is one other way. If you see these fans they will help you. Swim over it and it will boost you up in the air. This is also very effective if you need to get over the octopus.

This is all you need to know to get you through the Black Puffle Levels!

There are only those three color Puffles you can rescue but I expect to see more because there was a yellow Puffle at the entrance to the Secret Cave before the Puffle Rescue game came out!

Speaking of the Secret Cave, its open again! Well most of it.

The Underwater Room is locked! This is what the message on the door says:

To get into the Underwater Room you will need a key (just like to get into Rockhopper’s Quarters!). The key is in one of the Black Puffle Levels. Heres how to find it.

Underwater Room Secret Key Location

  1. Go to the Puffle Rescue game and click on the Black Puffle.
  2. Wait for the Giant Squid to go by (only appears after you get the Black Puffle).
  3. The Giant Squid will leave bubbles behind him. Swim on the bubble for a boost, then while falling hit the next bubble and repeat.
  4. Keep doing step 3 until you reach this:
  5. Move along the light blue coral until…
  6. A message will pop up, click enter to go into the Underwater Room (when you click enter you will collect the coins you earned and exit the game).
  7. When your in the Underwater Room be sure to grab the Key so you don’t have to do this again!

The whole hidden key was a good idea but the room’s basically old, we didn’t need a key to enter it before. If there was at least a new free item (besides the key) in the room that would be better but I was hoping for a whole NEW room!

I hope everyone’s enjoying the new game. Hopefully there will be more Puffles to rescue in the future! Check back a little later today and I’ll have video tutorials for each level including how to get the Hidden Key!



Cheats for the New Catalog

Hi penguins,

Here are the cheats for the new catalog!

Click the top of the Tree Stump for the Clover Balloon (15 Coins).

Click the grey stone on the Wishing Well for the Glover Garland (150 Coins).




HI penguins,

Thursday came the newspaper also known as today! Here are the upcoming events

Can’t read?

March 11: New Pin

March 14: Rockhopper Departs

March 15: New Game Starting

March 19: Penguin Play Awards and New Pet Furniture Catolog

Night Club Secrets

Hello Penguins. Screenhog here again.

We’ve been hearing reports that the green puffle’s missing from the Night Club. Have you seen it?

You know, the Night Club is one of those places where there’s often a lot happening. And recently there have been some upgrades that make it even more interesting. You might have noticed that when there’s more than 10 of you in the room, the lights change. But did you know that if the majority of you (at least 10) are the same penguin color then even more cool things start to happen?

color.jpgSo the next time you’re there, try to get penguins in the Night Club to all turn the same penguin color. Also, if you and your friends have time, see if you can find out what’s going on with that missing puffle…

In Other News – Lots of you voted a few weeks ago on a penguin to be carved from ice for the Carnaval de Quebec. As you know, The Rocker penguin won! And here’s what it looked like…